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→ Build your own Delfina Custom Shop


Our team is specialised in the construction of unique guitars.
We would love to help create your dream instrument.

Please, specify all the characteristics  you want in your new Delfina guitar. 
Start by the shape and size, woods, scale length and machine heads.
Tell us type of music you play and the sound you would like to get.
Our designer and calligrapher team can design a perfect rosette to be inlayed by hand.
We will get in touch with you in no time.

Photos of the available woods, in our stock or on our elite suppliers, will be sent for your choosing. You will be a part of the process all the way and get photos of the process.

The price will be determined according to the materials and the different options will clarified to you.

You can always count on our expertise and advise.

Delfina Custom Shop guitars start at 4000€ and 50% deposit. The construction requires 4 to 6 months..


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